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Finnfjord is localized only 5 km away from Finnsnes city, in Northern Norway.
The closest airport is Bardufoss airport.



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Ferroveien 1, 9308 Finnsnes, Norway


Ferroveien 1, 9308 Finnsnes, Norway


Finnfjord has produced electric power using a steam turbine since 2012. The steam is generated by extracting thermal energy in the off-gases from the metal production.

The recovery system generates a total of 340 GWh of electric power.

This is equivalent to:

  • One half of the power production at Alta Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • The energy demand of about 22,000 households.

If a coal-fired power plant were to produce 340 GWh of electric power it would result in CO2-emissions of 220,000 tonnes!

The energy recovery system makes Finnfjord AS one of the world's most environmentally friendly producers of ferrosilicon.