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Finnfjord and Finnfjord International

Finnfjord is headquartered close to Finnsnes city, in Northern Norway.

Finnfjord International is the Commercial office for FeSi and Microsilica, located in Madrid.
We also supply other raw materials to steel mills and ferrous foundries such as bulk alloys, noble alloys, Mn metal, inoculants, nodulizers and black products.


Phone: +47 778 70 500

Finnfjord International

Sales office
Brynjulv Gjerde | +34 659 67 85 58 |
Yolanda Cecilia | +34 696 49 02 70 |
Simon Fletcher | +352 621 19 66 59 |


Ferroveien 1, 9308 Finnsnes, Norway



Finnfjord International
Finnfjord International, S.L. Calle López de Hoyos 327, 1-2 28043 Madrid, Spain


The core product of Finnfjord is ferrosilicon, a high quality product used as an important raw material in the steel industry. The purity may be specified according to the customer's demand.


Ferrosilicon (FeSi) is an alloy of silicon and iron. Finnfjord's standard ferrosilicon contains 75% silicon and 20-24% iron. The annual production capacity at Finnfjord is 100,000 tonnes. The production is based on quartz, iron ore, coal, coke and biocarbon. The alloy is mainly used as a deoxidant and an alloying element in the production of steel and cast iron. FeSi increases strength, hardness, temperateness and corrosion resistance in steel.

3-4 kilograms of FeSi is used to produce one tonne of regular carbon steel, whereas stainless steel requires 5-10 times this amount of FeSi. Hence, we are always surrounded by products containing ferrosilicon.

Production of Ferrosilicon

In short terms, the process may be described as follows: Iron ore (Fe2O3), quartz (SiO2) and carbon (C), in the form of coal, coke and biocarbon, is added at the top of the furnace. Three electrodes in the furnace is heating the material. At approximately 2000˚C the carbon reacts with the oxygen in the quartz and we are left with liquid silicon. The iron oxide in the iron ore pellets reacts with the carbon through a similar reaction and forms pure iron. Melted iron and silicon mix and is then tapped in ladles. The metal is cooled and crushed into pieces of variable size, to meet the customer's demand.



Finnfjord is certified in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

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